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Free SIM cards to all tourists upon arrival in India?

INDIA’s Home Ministry has given the go-ahead to give out free SIM cards to all tourists upon arrival in India. The cards will be provided to those with eTVs – Electronic Travel Authorisation or electronic visas.

Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma said, “We had a number of meetings with the Home Ministry with regards to providing SIM cards to foreign tourists when they land in India. The Ministry has finally agreed to our proposal. Now, it will take some time to start the facility.”

The SIM cards will be loaded with an undisclosed amount of free credit, and will come in a tourist kit comprising of maps, tourist information, guidelines, dos and dont’s, and emergency contacts.

State-owned telecom operator BSNL is likely to provide the service to foreigners, and that discussions have reached the “last level”.

The initiative could be rolled out as early as September 27. Not likely but I’ll keep you posted.

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